The Unfolding Kiss: A Study - The first steps toward merging my floral and figurative work

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The Unfolding Kiss: A Study

oil on canvas, by artist Vincent Keeling


This is a very important painting for me as it represents my first attempt to realize a creative idea that has been floating around my head for some seven years; This is the idea of combining two strands of my previous work, the floral and figurative, and trying to merge these into a seamless whole. I should also point out, that the figures in this work are inspired by a sculpture, I’ve always loved, called “The Kiss” by the nineteenth century French sculptor Rodin.

Although in the future I hope to work more from my own figure studies, for this first piece I decided to pay homage to this wonderful work, while at the same time placing it within a new and truly unique setting based on a photograph and painting of a white rose, all my own.


The Unfolding Kiss: A Study - An oil painting by artist Vincent Keeling

Further to this I just wanted to explain my decision to label this painting “A Study”; For this in no way denotes any lack of finish or quality, but is rather an indication that I wanted to work out some technical issues on a small scale study, as many artists often do, before embarking on the full scale painting. This larger painting from the same image is now well under way, so keep an eye out in my blog posts and newsletters over the coming months.


Study of the unfolding kiss on my easel

Thanks for reading! Vincent Keeling

This painting is now sold, but the larger work became available to purchase on 19 July 2018.

Click here to read about the full-sized version of "The Unfolding Kiss" by Vincent Keeling


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