Commission a Portrait Painting, by Vincent Keeling

This page is about commissioning a portrait painting from Vincent Keeling. If however, you are more interested in viewing Vincent's collection of Famous Face portrait paintings, and prints click here. 

Portrait of poet Seamus Heaney, 50x50cm, oil on linen, by Vincent Keeling

Looking for that perfect gift? Why not ask me to paint a custom portrait of your choosing? This could be of someone in your personal life: a family member, loved one, or friend; Or indeed, it could be a famous personage in the world of music, movies, sport or literature. As for pricing I generally start my prices at 650 Euro, for a 40x40cm black and white oil painting, and then work up from there depending on the complexity of the image, and the size. I'm always happy to consider projects, so please feel free to send me off an email, if you have a portrait idea in mind. Vincent Keeling - 

Portrait Price list: 

Please note that this is general guide single head and shoulders portraits. If there are extra people involved, or other complexities such as hands in the picture, or backgrounds, this will add to the price, as will framing. All paintings are in oil on canvas. 

Please note that I am open to breaking the cost of a commissioned painting into a Monthly Payment Plan. 



40x40cm or 35x45cm = €850

50x50cm or 40x55cm = €1150

Framing will add €100 Euro the the above costs. 


All enquiries welcome!




Vincent Keeling



Portrait of Bruce Springsteen


Commissioned oil painting of Leonard Cohen

Vincent Keeling photographed in the process of painting a commissioned portrait of Leonard Cohen


Black and white portrait painting, of Amy Winehouse, by Vincent Keeling



Portrait  commission, from old black and white photograph. Oil on canvas, 40x40cm.


Romantic portrait painting, of a couple on their wedding day. Oil on canvas, by Vincent Keeling



Sepia toned portrait of a couple, from an old photograph, taken in a photo booth. 18x14 inches, oil on canvas.


A copy of John Singer Sargent's wonderful portrait of Lady Agnew, by Vincent Keeling



Portrait commission of a lovely young Tanzanian girl hugging her doll. 20x16 inches, oil on canvas.




Pet portrait of Rufus, the dog. 30x30cm, oil on canvas, by Vincent Keeling

More information on PET PORTRAITS


 Equestrian portrait of the racehorse, Lambro. 20x16 inches, oil on canvas, by Vincent Keeling





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