Hi all, 

The first thing to say is that although I've been selling paintings for some 30 years, and prints for over ten years, but I only recently, in 2020, put a reviews option up on my website. Thus, if you are not seeing bucket loads of 5 Star reviews for each print or painting you'll have to cut me a little slack. Rest assured I will get them up to a respectable level, but for now Amazon has nothing to fear:) 

Until then, I thought I'd put this page up for two reasons. The first is to give a little reassurance for those of you who don't yet know me, by listing a few of my reviews to date. They might not be the exact painting or print you're looking at, but I thought it would help ease your mind. By the way, I have links to all the relevant pages below as well, so you can be sure I'm not just making it all up:)

And the second reason is for my valued customers from yesteryear and more recent times, to ask you to consider taking a few mins out to write a little review of something you've bought from me in the past. No stress if you're busy, or this is just a flying visit, but if you have the time it would really help, and needless to say would be much appreciated! And with that in mind I've put a quick step by step of how to write a review at the bottom of this page. 

Ok, with that all said here are a few of my reviews from some of my wonderfully generous customers, who have helped more than they know! Thank You!

Vincent Keeling -



Luke Kelly canvas print
5 Stars

"I have purchased three of Vincent's 'famous faces' canvas on floating frames (Leonard Cohen, Luke Kelly and Shane MacGowan) and they are absolutely stunning. Everyone who visits compliments these pictures instantly - I could not be happier with them. Vincent is an extremely professional, amazing artist and is an absolute pleasure to deal with. I look forward to purchasing the next three 'famous faces' on my wish list."

Mags from Ireland - 12th April 2020

Review of Luke Kelly Canvas print


print of Van Morrison reviewed

5 Stars
Van Morrison print
"As always with Vincent’s art the attention to detail is second to none and the prints are of the finest quality thanks again Vincent for a wonderful piece of art and a trouble free transaction from purchase to delivery."

Denis from UK - 4th December 2020

Review of Van Morrison Print


Painting of South William Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

5 Stars
Evening falls in South William Street

"For me, this painting really captures the essence of some of Dublin's lesser trafficked but interesting streets. The Metro cafe is in the distance (on the left) on the corner of Clarendon Street and I have whiled away quite a few hours there over the years drinking coffee while having a bit of a think. I love this painting, the light, the detail, the slightly grubby feel to the street, and see something new in this every time I look at it; a really great sign in a painting. I have a few of Vincent's paintings at this stage, but this is my favourite. More like this please Vincent!"

Seamus M. Ireland - 19th March 2020

Review of Evening falls on South William Street, original painting


Samuel Beckett canvas print reviewed

5 Stars
"Enchanting and distinguished

Fantastic picture, frequently commented upon by friends and family, deep, dark colours brings out Samuel’s personality. Love it !!"

Ciaran K. Ireland -  3 December 2020

Review of Samuel Beckett canvas print


Oil painting of a red rose called Queen of the Garden
5 Stars
"Could not be happier!!!! :)

Absolutely adore my painting! It breathes life, love and richness into the room - and into me when I see it every morning! :) And all who come into the room fall equally in love with it:)"

Kathryn R. from Ireland - 21 March, 2020

Review of Queen of the Garden


This is just a sample of the reviews so far and a big thank you for those of you who have taken the time to write such heartwarming and supportive comments!

So very much appreciated!

All the best, 

Vincent Keeling



Step 1:

As the reviews are tied to each individual print or painting the first thing you have to do is to find the one you might have purchased or received in the past. The easiest way to find things is to use the quick keyword search box at the top right of the site. 

How to search



Step 2:

Now this will bring up various options, between the original painting, unframed prints, canvas prints, and the more traditional box frame prints, so just click on your one. 

After that just scroll down a bit and you’ll see an option to ‘Write a Review” at the bottom.

How to write a customer review


Step 3:

And when writing your review it might be no harm to remember your mother’s advice “that if you don’t have something good to say, say nothing at all” Or not, but go easy will ya, as we artists are a sensitive bunch:

Any issue or problems, feel free to send an email to!

Thanks for reading and all the best!

Vincent Keeling



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