White Rose Paintings and Prints

Hi all, this is a collection of my White Rose Paintings and Prints. I'm not sure how it happened but I've probably spent more time painting white rose than is probably good for any man. I've painted small ones, really big ones and numerous shapes and sizes in between. What mostly fascinates me about them is the surprising mix of colours, of warms and cools that can emerge in a white rose, especially when it's lit from behind and the roses translucent qualities shine through. Anyway, hope you like my collection and please note that if a painting is sold, you might still have a chance to get a print of it, and if it's an original your pining after just keep an eye here for new white rose oil paintings to appear, or feel free to sign up to my newsletter in the connect section. Then you'll be one of the first to hear about new white rose paintings from an Irish man who can't seem to stop himself.