The Enchanted Garden - The Story behind the painting

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Fairytale type of painting featuring a King and Queen

Finished painting "The Enchanted Garden" by Vincent Keeling

For me this work is very much about the circle of life. In the centre we see a King and Queen representing a couple in their prime, then to the right we see young lovers pursuing each other, and on the left a newborn is added to the mix creating a family tableau. Further to this I’ve added the semblance of a gravestone in the right foreground to complete the life cycle.

Early stages of the painting called The Enchanted Garden

Early stages of "The Enchanted Garden" painting in progress.

The idea for this painting emerged in quite a spontaneous fashion. It’s in keeping with previous works where I approach a blank canvas with no real preconceived ideas in mind, and then begin to make random brush marks until some ghostly figures emerge, which can be further developed. This process tends to let things well up from the subconscious and can be a very fluid and enjoyable way to paint. In a sense I’m discovering and improvising as I go, and until I’m a few days into the work, I really don’t know what it’s final shape will be. Of course, for some, the down side of these paintings can be their lack of realism, but for me, that’s also a strength, for what they lack in realism, I believe, they more than make up for in feeling, and an otherworldly charm. I hope you feel the same.

Enchanted Garden on the easel in Vincent Keeling's studio

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