My Dublin Oil Paintings by Vincent Keeling

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Painting of St Andrews Street in Dublin, Ireland

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Hi guys, this is a collection of my Dublin oil paintings and prints. It’s inspired by seven years of living and working right in the heart of Dublin city, where I ran a little art gallery called The Keeling Gallery. During these years I have to confess that I didn’t stray too far from the Clarendon St and the South William St areas.

Oil painting of South William Street, Dublin 2

Evening Fall on South William St, Dublin, oil on canvas by Vincent Keeling

After all it was here that I lived, worked, painted, enjoyed coffee with friends and of course went for a pint or two in Dublin’s legendary pubs. I say this to prepare you and set expectations when viewing this collection of my Dublin prints and paintings, in that it’s mostly focused on a few areas of Dublin City. For instance I’ve painted South William Street three times already, and as I write this I have a little oil painting of The Metro Café, half finished and sitting on my easel, which will make it four.

Painting of College Green, Dublin 2

College Green, Dublin City, oil on linen, by Vincent Keeling

Now least you think I was stuck to this street, as many of my friends and family did at the time, I can tell you that on occasion I did indeed venture just a little further and thus managed to capture of few of Dublin’s iconic landmarks in oil paint along the way. The old Parliament building, better known now as The Bank of Ireland, on College green was one of my first Dublin paintings; Then there was a painting I did of that most quintessential Dublin landmark, The Ha’penny Bridge, with a little bit of romance thrown into the mix as well.

oil painting of the hapenny bridge in Dublin, Ireland

Lovers by the Ha'penny Bridge, by Vincent Keeling 

And finally, I snapped a few pics of The Custom House down along Dublin’s quays. This is a beautiful piece of Dublin architecture and on that cold snowy Dublin night, it really did seem to have a magical quality to it, helping it become one of my favourite paintings I've done.  

Oil Painting of The Custom House in Dublin

The Custom House, Dublin, oil on linen by Vincent Keeling

Ok guys, that all to mention really. Just to note that I’ll be adding to the print options as I go, with canvas prints and regular framed prints of Dublin as well; with the occasional new painting as well as I dig into my archive of snaps of days past for reference. Thanks! Vincent

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