Solar Rose II: The story behind my new white rose painting

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A close up picture of my painting called Solar Rose II

Hi all, I’ve just got one painting to tell you about today. I’ve decided to call it “Solar Rose II” after a painting I did way back in 2009. As ever, for me it’s all about trying to conjure up a luminous quality to the rose. And, in this instance the rose almost seemed to be emitting light itself, reminding me of the sun with it’s warm yellow and orange tones, and thus the title Solar Rose seemed apt. As for the composition, although I am often drawn to the interesting shapes of a tightly cropped arrangement, here I felt the sun-like quality mentioned above would be better served by allowing the rose a little breathing room;

Oil painting of a white rose by Vincent Keeling called Solar Rose II

A little space to shine, so to speak. Thus I went for a tall airy composition, which included the leaves, stems, vase and rose all set against a deep burgundy background; A background that I hope compliments the rich green of the leaves, and helps to subtly enhance the luminous colouring of the rose itself. Of course, one never knows fully if a work has hit the mark, but in trying to judge this one I was reminded of some great advice I heard once from a well known painter. He suggested that one of the best ways to judge the quality of the light in a painting is to place the painting itself in a poor lighting situation, and then see if the painting still holds up. Thus I decided to interrupt the writing of this message, a few moments ago to put this to the test. I placed my painting up on my easel, and then proceeded to turn off all my studio lights, all my house lights, and then with nothing but the modest light of a north facing window, of an Irish February day, to ask the question. The painting’s answer was to continue to shine and glow, and with that I felt my work was done.

Thanks for reading and you might be interested in viewing further details about this painting or purchasing it you can click the link below.  


Or needless to say if you've any questions feel free to ask.



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