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This is a limited edition print taken from an oil painting of Seamus Heaney I did back in 2014. I think it's actually one of my best portraits thus far, so I hope I did him justice. 

In this painting of Seamus Heaney I was hoping to evoke something of deep thoughtful spirit of the man, which I think is helped by the blue green somewhat ethereal background. A wonderful poet, and a wonderful face to paint. I can't claim to be expert on his work, but I do remember discovering his poem "Digging" many moons ago and being very taken by the way he compares his father's digging of the earth with his spade, with Heaney's own digging of his imagination with his pen. We all find our own way into a poem and for me once I heard this I couldn't help but automatically substitute the poet's pen for the artist's paint brush, and thus the poem spoke to me of my own struggles to unearth something of value as I go digging for inspiration in paint, which funnily enough is  itself is often nothing more than coloured earth. Anyway, that's what first springs to mind when I think of Heaney. 

Here are the last four lines of Digging from the master as he speaks about his father and grandfather. 


But I’ve no spade to follow men like them.

Between my finger and my thumb
The squat pen rests.
I’ll dig with it."

Seamus Heaney

Here's a link to the full poem on

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Small Unframed - Image 15x15cm - Mount 30x30cm 
Small Framed - Image 15x15cm - Frame 33x33cm 
Medium Unframed - Image 24x24cm, Mount 40x40cm 
Medium Framed - Image 24x24cm - Frame 43x43cm 
Large Unframed - Image 34x34cm (No mount included on this size, and no framing option.)


It’s worth noting that for both the Small and Medium “unframed print” options the prints include the same lovely high-quality double mounts and backing board, that you receive with the framed prints.

However, do note that this is not the case with the large print option. I decided to do away with the mount at his larger size as the shipping costs got a bit much. Then again, I do enclose these large prints in a protective plastic envelop (also used on the small and medium), placed onto a nice backing board which keeps things flat, and then finally protected in heavy cardboard packaging that I use to ensure all prints arrive safe and sound.


Framed pic taken from the Medium print option in white.

By the way, if a print, or size option comes up as "SOLD OUT" most likely this just mean that I don't have the print in stock in the studio, rather than the edition being sold out. No problem ordering one in for you though, if you send an email to me at

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