Forever and a Day - Oil Painting

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Forever and a Day
Original oil painting of a white rose in a garden setting
by Vincent Keeling

"This garden rose painting is a little usual for me. You see I have to confess that in the past, and particularly when I lived in the city, my roses tended to be bought from a florist and then taken back to the studio and artfully arranged to make a painting. All very well you might say, but it did mean that many of them lacked any sense of being set amongst a natural environment. In this painting, almost the opposite is true, for here the rose is set amongst a lavish twisting of organic leaves, stems and off-shoots, all set again a sea of green. Here the rose is most firmly and definitely set amongst it's natural habitat. Or another way of saying it, here the rose, who is usually the star of the show, has more than a little competition for our attention."

Vincent Keeling


Canvas 40x50cm 
Frame  65x75cm

Unframed price - 1,095 Euro
Framed price - 1,195 Euro


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