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Creation XIII
Original oil painting of a white rose
by Vincent Keeling

"Ok, to the paintings my friends. For those of my regular followers, you might notice this image of the rose above and below from before; this is because way back, I put up a little colour study of this one. As you know many of us artists do these little painting as prep to figure out colours and composition and then if it really works, plan the big version on a more generous scale. In this case, we graduated from a canvas a mere 30x24cm to a very respectable 100x80cm, which to put it mildly is much much bigger. And the trick in working at this scale, which take months for me, is to keep all those colours and tones seamlessly blending and true to the original conception. I'll let you judge it, but I'm very happy how it all turned out. By the way, this one is called Creation XIII, and as part of my Creation Series its all about those roses that for me have that epic feel to them; the ones that speak of nature's mystery and wondrous forms, rhythms and creative genius." Vincent


100x80cm (approximately 39x31 inches)
Oil on Belgian Linen canvas 
Poplar wood stretcher bars just over 2cm thick 

Unframed - 3285 Euro

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