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Creation XI: A Study
Original oil painting on linen of a red peony rose, by Vincent Keeling

This painting is of a red almost magenta peony rose that bloomed in 2018. This flower was something of a surprise when is blossomed forth in the garden of my home at the time. There is so much around it that is special to me both on a personal level with the memories associated with that time and place. But besides this it also seems like such a strong image that I believe it deserves to be painted on a large scale and to become part of my Creation Series of paintings. Thus, I'll be calling this one a "Creation XI: A Study" and will use this painting as the basis of a much larger piece, perhaps four times the size. 

By the way this painting is currently unframed, so if you choose the framed option it will take about two weeks to get that framed up for you before collection or shipping. I had a similar sized frame from another piece so I have a photo here of what it will look like. Any questions let me know. 
Canvas 40x50cm 
Frame  65x75cm
Unframed - 975 Euro
Framed - 1100 Euro

This painting is now SOLD














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