Copy after Eva Gonzales - Morning Awakening - Oil Painting

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Copy after Eva Gonzales's painting called "Morning Awakening"
Oil painting by Vincent Keeling

"The Original painting “Morning Awakening” is a beautiful work painted in 1876 by the French artist Eva Gonzalés. She was on the periphery of the Impressionist movement and like many of her talented female contemporaries around the Impressionist movement didn’t get the recognition she deserved.
For me what really sings in this painting is the glowing light and colours, arranged in a simple yet effective composition, which us artists know is a most difficult thing to achieve. My modest study, at approximately a quarter of the real size, no doubt doesn’t nearly do it justice, but I do hope I’ve caught something of the spirit of the piece.

Very much hope you like this new one in my Master Copy Series. 

Thanks! Vincent Keeling" 

Canvas 40x50cm 
Frame  65x75cm

Unframed price - 1,095 Euro
Framed price - 1,195 Euro