Benjamin - A walnut tree painting

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Benjamin - A walnut tree painting
Original oil painting 
by Vincent Keeling

"This is the tree that I look out on from the window of my studio/living room. It's amazing just how much having this simple, yet beautiful vision of nature has helped to keep my head in a semi-stable state. 
I'm not saying I haven't had bad days, but I reckon there would have been many more of them if it wasn't for the calming influence of Benjamin. Yep, the tree has a name, and its Benjamin. I didn't name him by the way, that was done by a dear friend, but the name just seemed to stick. Now perhaps this is oversharing and might seem a tad crazy to some, but then again after the last few years, I think I should get a pass for befriending a tree. Not the worst transgression. 
Anyway, as we were spending so much time together I felt Benjamin needed to be immortalised in paint, and the result is seen above. I'm very happy with this one, and half of me would like to keep the painting for myself. Then again, the other half realises that would be incredibly selfish, as no doubt one of you out there, is no doubt in need of the soothing mental balm of a Benjamin to watch over you. Anyway, hope you like it.  All the best, Vincent"

Canvas 40x50cm 
Frame  65x75cm

By the way, this is my standard white frame. I'll try get some framed pics up soon but in the mean time have a look at my "White rose in silvery light" painting. 
Unframed price - 1095 Euro
Framed price - 1195 Euro