Floral oil painting classes


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New in person classes!

Venue: The Schoolhouse for Art, Enniskerry, Co Wicklow

Time and Day: Wednesday mornings from 10am to 1pm

Duration: 6 weeks

Dates: November 9th to December 14th

Cost: 240 Euro

Bookings: Through the Schoolhouse for Art - Click here for link!



This class is focused on one of the genres Vincent is best known for, his floral paintings. The aim of the class will be to lead students along a path with step by step demonstrations from Vincent each week; These will progressively reveal Vincent’s painting process for students to follow, ask questions about and learn from. The nature of the class means that it’s best suited to students who already have some oil painting experience, although if you have other relevant painting and drawing experience by all means reach out.


On a practical note, as we’ll be working on the same painting over six weeks it makes sense to work from a photo reference. In this the student will have the option to bring along their own reference or indeed paint along with Vincent using the same photo of a rose he’ll be painting from; This will be supplied when you sign up.

As well as these practical matters, it might help to know that this class will also be accompanied by a little theory and advice around gaining more understanding of the fundamental principles of painting. Thus drawing, value, colour and edge control will be touched upon, particularly as they relate to the concerns of floral art.

And no class concerned with oil painting would be complete without some attempt to explain the mysterious paraphernalia surrounding it; the oil paints themselves: colour choices and mixing, properties to look out for, mediums, solvents, brushes, and fancy sounding techniques like glazing and scumbling.


We’ll also be using a very old technique that relies upon the layering of oil paint;

The first layer is laid down, allowed to dry, and then overlaid again with another semi-transparent layer, and perhaps again. In this way each layer informs and builds upon the layers below; This method allows for incredibly subtle colour and tone graduations.

All this, the demos, the fundamentals, the materials, the layering of paint will all be brought to bear as Vincent and you the student all endeavour to create your mini floral masterpieces.

One last thing which is something of a side note related to drawing, for although Vincent has in previous classes used the grid method with students, this time he’ll be encouraging students to eyeball the drawing, backed up with a number of techniques and tools he has found helpful over the years for checking and refining one’s drawing.

That being said, if some students are already familiar and comfortable using the grid method, that’s absolutely fine, there’s no pressure, and these tools will come in handy anyway for when the grid gets covered with paint. And if you’re painting along with Vincent’s reference photo there will also be a second photo reference available of the image already pre-gridded with recommended canvas sizes to make things really easy for you.



I have a page where I outline what I use, which I'll link to below, but as I'll explain you don't have to use the same brushes and paints and materials I do if you're happy with what you have. 

Odourless mineral spirits a must though, and a few helpful extras listed at the start.

Also in terms of colours I will say that for this first class I'll be painting a white rose and I find for these in particular it’s very nice to have a range of the transparent earth colours like Italian Green Umber, Terre Verte, Raw Sienna and Transparent Oxide Yellow. As you'll see I use the Michael Harding brand of paints which are wonderful to paint with. 

Link to Oil Painting Materials List by Vincent Keeling