Creation XIII - Small Oil Painting Study

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Creation XIII - Colour Study
Original oil painting 
by Vincent Keeling

"As for my next painting, this is another one from my Creation series of roses. Now I know it's sometimes difficult to judge the scale from digital images, and you might be confused into thinking this is the epic piece for over the couch you've been waiting for. Alas this is not the case, as this is only a modest canvas, but for that I think it packs a visual punch above it's weight, and don't forget there are plenty of nooks, crannies, alcoves and bedroom walls that also deserve a little art love too. 

And for those of you, who want the big centre piece for over the couch, fear not, for this was actually painted as a small colour study with a big canvas in mind. And that large version is now complete and available at the link below." Thanks! Vincent

View Large Creation XIII Canvas

Canvas 24x30cm 
Frame  49x55cm

Unframed price - 540 Euro
Framed price - 640 Euro

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