Zoom Oil Painting Group - with Vincent Keeling

Zoom Oil Painting Group - with Vincent Keeling

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A quick update as of 21/04/24

I didn't get the numbers necessary for this class to go ahead so looking at other options. Thinking now about one-on-one mentorships and maybe pre-recorded classes. Watch this space!

Inquiries to vincentkeeling@gmail.com.


Ok, I have some good news for you. I’ve decided to stop procrastinating and launch into the online world classes. What I’m going to start with is a little


What will this include.

  • A chance to join a mini art community with only 6 places available.
  • A weekly one-hour ritual of art focused time.
  • An experienced artist as your guide, yep that’s me, with lots of tips on all things oil painting.
  • Answers to whatever questions you might have along the way.
  • Not sure about live demos from me given the time-frame, but open to feeback on this. I think what’s below though might just fill this gap in a more valuable way.
  • The first will be me pointing you towards tons of great by artists I admire and have learnt from: Free videos on youtube, or paid courses, book recommendations, art podcast etc.
  • And perhaps saving the best for last, with an offering only modern technology could offer. And that is the opportunity of getting Direct Feedback on your work.

This last part might need some explaining as it will involve a little digital wizardry to achieve. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to be any kind of digital wizard yourself to take part. The idea will be for a few members of the zoom group each week, to email me two images prior to the class. One of the photo-reference they are basing their painting on, and one of the actual painting-in-progress itself. Then I pop these into photoshop and do a digital paint-over, while explaining things as I go.

Now I should stress that sharing your work with the group in search of direct feedback, is by no means obligatory so no pressure there. And while it’s perhaps the best way to understand how to improve your particular project, there is no doubt that sitting back and watching me guide other artists toward improving their artwork is also really valuable.

You see while the subject matter might be unique for each artist, the fundamental principles of oil painting are not; they are universal and will keep on raising their heads to scold us if we don’t pay them heed.

Thus, whether you paint portraits, fishes, teddy bears, landscapes or bowls of fruit, we’ll invariably end up talking of, and endeavouring to improve our drawing skills our expression of values -  that’s our lights and darks people – and finally our mastery of that oh so elusive creature called colour. Lots more in there of course, sub-principals galore and even meta-principals arching high above the rest.

But the nub of it is, that we all tend to make the same kind of mistakes for the same kinds of reasons, and there are a combination of abstract art principals and practical skills, that when learnt and practiced will in time enable us all to self-correct.

On this note I was recently watching an artist on youtube - pretty sure it was Florent Farges – say something I really liked. The gist of it went like this. The difference between a professional artist and an amateur one, is not that the professional doesn’t make lots of mistakes, they do, but simply, that they now know how to correct those mistakes as they go.

So, I guess that’s the idea, I’m offering to be a guide to help you develop these skills faster than if you were trying alone, and to do so amidst a little art community where we’ll undoubtedly all learn from each other.

And just to give a little more clarity on who this is for I should stress that this isn’t a structured class tailored for beginners. It’s more of an organic art group, where it invites artists who are already in the arena, already working on personal projects, already pushing paint around the canvas and wondering why this pesky oily stuff won’t quite obey their wishes. It's not easy, but there is fun in the challenge, and many mini achievements as we grow and learn and sure what else would you be doing of a Wednesday Morning.

Hope this might sounds interesting enough to tempt you and all the practical info below.

Time wise, I’m aiming to make this a mid-morning class, as that’s when my brain is at its best, and also leaves my days and evenings free to get lost in creative easel time.  



Weekly from 11-12 am on Wednesdays

60 Euro for a block of four classes.


Block 1: April 24th, May 1st, 8th, 15th

Further blocks not live as yet.

Block 2: May 22nd, 29th, June 5th, 12th

More Blocks to come!


Limited to just 6 places.

Current students given first option to renew.

And no swaps on refunds on missed days I’m afraid.

I tried this before and it was both financially unsustainable for me, and an admin nightmare. Sorry!

Ok guys, as ever feel free to send me an email if you’ve any questions about this or any other classes you might like to see soon. And also perhaps if you like the idea of this class but days or times don't suit.


Thanks for reading!

Vincent Keeling – vincentkeeling@gmail.com