St Andrew's to South William: A Dublin Streetscape - Oil Painting

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St Andrew's to South William: A Dublin Streetscape

This scene is facing down St. Andrew’s Street, looking through the intersection down into the bustle of South William St. I actually had my studio/gallery on South William for a few years, and lived around the corner on Clarendon St, where my first gallery was located, so needless to say lots of memories from these times.

If you can’t quite get your bearings we’re facing away from Dame Street here, with The Trocedero Restaurant just in on the left. If you swung a left at the intersection you’d be on Wickow St, and heading for Grafton St. And if you kept going straight you’d be passing Bulter’s Café at the crossing, and then heading for such iconic spots such as Grogans Pub, The Metro Café and Peter’s Pub up at the top. All of which, needless to say, I spent many many an evening with friends in those bygone happy days.

Anyway, all that to say that this one has a lot of meaning and history for me, and was chosen from hundreds if not thousands of pics I took while ambling a long these streets, and is now happily proudly immortalized in the magical stuff of oil paint.

Hope you like it!

Vincent Keeling 



Canvas - 60x80cm

Oil on Belgian linen, with sturdy poplar stretcher bars




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