Testimonials for my Art Classes


I've been teaching in The Schoolhouse for Art now for several months and I recently got this wonderful and generous review from Clifton Rooney, who is himself a very accomplished and talented artist. 

"As an art teacher and someone who paints regularly, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a beginners oil painting class. 6 weeks later, I was deeply impressed and surprised at how Vincent nurtured and grew my knowledge, observation and skills.

Vincent’s organic teaching style met me where I was at and encouraged me to reconsider working methods in ever so gentle a manner. He welcomed input and respected divergent approaches yet maintained integrity to his own approach which he generously shared. He balanced questions spanning enormous subject areas with great eloquence and kindness. 

His reflective nature provided many humorous moments where he resisted simple answers. Every answer was carefully teased out as he spoke shedding light on his massive depth of understanding in the arts. It was these discussions that I found most illuminating where Vincent would consider the merits of each aspect of a problem before coming to an ‘on balance’ answer. 
I would highly recommend Vincent for a total beginner, experienced or very experienced artist looking to build a working practice or work-flow that results in a successful outcome and all of the confidence that comes with that. I have just booked on for another module with Vincent so confident am I in him!"

Clifton Rooney - 23 April 2019

Review of Vincent Keeling oil painting classes in The Schoolhouse for Art on Tripadvisor


"Really enjoyed taking classes with Vincent. His approach is very understanding & extremely patient. I found him very knowledgeable & full of advice. Whatever your ability, he can help. I really looked forward to my class each week. A great course!"

Robert Bohan - June 2018


"I remember when I went to my first class in Vincent Gallery, I was very insecure about my skills in oil painting, which by the way, I didn’t have any experience at all in oil painting. But he made me feel very comfortable and gave me the push that I needed. Well, I’m still not so good as he is, but I’m very happy with what I learned in my painting classes. Thank you Vincent :)"

Allesandro Morais - June 2018

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