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Hi all, I'm afraid my classes aren't running at the moment for more info

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I just wanted to update people that I'm not currently teaching at the moment, this page was set up when I was teaching at a weekly class in Rathmines, and was considering starting it back up. However, I think this is unlikely now. Before Covid I was still teaching at The Schoolhouse for Art in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow and I might get back to this next year. However, in the meantime I thought I'd try and provide some useful information for you guys looking to use these crazy Covid days to explore your creativity. 

I'm not an expert on what classes are currently running in Dublin, but here are links to a few that might be of interest. 

Firstly, if you're living on the South Side of Dublin, or don't mind travelling a little further you might like to check out the wonderful art workshops and classes currently running at The Schoolhouse for Art in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow. Neil Condron, who runs the school has some great of variety, and talent in the classes and teachers so lots of interesting options to choose from.

Now if your looking for something more centred around Dublin City, you might like to check out The Drawing Studio. This place is very much seems focused on old school academic drawing classes, with life drawing, anatomy training, portrait sculpture etc. Looks pretty cool.

Even before those two I would have recommended by former teacher and mentor Brian McCarthy who teaches a number of oil painting classes out in Clontarf on the North side of Dublin. However, I do see from his website that he is not currently accepting students as Covid has brought his classes to half capacity.  Still it you wanted to keep an eye on his website or check out his paintings here's a link. 

Brian McCarthy's Art Studio 


Ok guys, I hope that helps in some way. Happy painting and take care!

Vincent Keeling 




Below is old information, please read above. 

I've been thinking of trying to start my oil painting classes back up in Rathmines, but before committing to it it would be great to know I had enough students interested. With that in mind if Rathmines would be a good location please to let me know, either by emailing me, or taking a few seconds subscribe to my Class Newsletter below, ticking Rathmines below as your preferred location. If I get the numbers we might just be back in business. 

Thanks! Vincent - vincentkeeling@gmail.com

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