Oil Painting Classes in Dublin 2


Please note that the oil painting classes are currently on hold, as I had to pull out of the last studio on South William Street, and thus don't have a venue to teach in at the moment. However, it's worth noting that there is a waiting list regardless, thus if you think you might be interested, it would be no harm to send on your details; name, email and phone number, so that I can keep you on file, for when places become available.

Kind regards, Vincent Keeling





Both Beginners and advanced welcome!



As for what you will be painting the plan will be for everyone to work on their own painting project.  Of course, if you’re unsure of what to paint or need some guidance I’d be more than happy to assist in this. And in this regard, I will endeavor to have a selection of source material, calendars and pictures, so that you’ll have something to work from. I would say though that if think you might give the painting a go, it might be a good idea to start keeping an eye out for images that appeal to you.



Please note that if you already have a set of oils feel free to use them. I’ve used Winsor and Newton oil paints from the start, but they are by no means the only ones out there. Also note that there are a students and an artist’s range of oil paints available. The students range being cheaper and limited in range, but by all means fine if you’re just beginning. The list I’m about to give you is the Winton or student’s range. If you don't mind spending more and you'd like to see the recommeded list for the Artist's range just email me and I'll send you on the sheet. vincentkeeling@gmail.com




Winton Paints – cheaper student’s range


Titanium White – large tube – 200ml

Cadmium red Hue – 37ml

Indian Red – 37ml

Permanent Alizarin Crimson – 37ml

Permanent Rose – 37ml

Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue – 37ml

Cadmium Orange Hue – 37ml

Yellow Ochre – 37ml

Burnt Sienna – 37ml

Phthalo Blue – 37ml

Prussian Blue – 37ml

French Ultramarine – 37ml

Raw Umber – 37ml

Burnt Umber – 37ml

Ivory Black – 37ml

Viridian Hue – 37ml

Dioxazine Purple - 37ml



Although you can thin down oil paint with white spirits, it's very important to have an painting medium as well for getting the most from oil painting. In this regard, I'd recommend Winsor and Newton's

Liquin Original - 250ml

You can get small bottles of 75ml but much better value in the long run to go for a 250ml bottle. By the way, there are lots of other mediums out there including traditional Linseed oil so if you all ready have one of them and you'd like to stick with it that's no problem. I will mention that Liquin speeds up the drying time considerably, which can be useful.





Again I find the Winsor and Newton brushes work well.

Winsor and Newton Winton Filbert – Sizes 1,2,4,8

Winsor and Newton Winton round – Sizes 1,2,4


Winsor and Newton Galleria – Long handled round – Sizes 1,2

If money is not an object then it would be nice to get at least one of each of these, but if you're looking to keep down the expense please focus on the Winton Filberts particularly the size 2 and 4. After than maybe a Winton round size 1 and a Galleria long handled round size 1. Please note as well that there are a lot of cheaper ranges out there but you do tend to get what you pay for. In my mind it's better to have one or two decent brushes rather than 10 mediocre ones. 



Although canvas is nicer to paint on canvas boards are also fine especially if you’re starting out and want to keep costs down. Winsor and Newton, Reeves, Daler Rowney all supply a wide variety of sizes in this regard. I would also mention that it’s perhaps best to keep thing on a modest scale to begin with, especially in the class setting.

Some suggested canvas sizes:



12x16 inches

18x14 inches

16x20 inches

18x24 inches



A3 oil painting Palette wood or tear off

Medium sized palette knife

Kitchen paper for clean up

A jar or two for cleaning brushes


A case to carry everything. I often find a simple plastic tool box from the hardware works fine, although many professional painting equipment cases available in the art shops. 




White spirits and easels will be supplied in the studio, but if you plan to work at home make sure to have a supply for yourself.


White spirits preferably odourless.

(Fine to buy this in the hardware when starting off and a lot cheaper than the fine art products.)


Small Funnel 

This will be used for recycling your white spirits and can be bought in any hardware.



There are so many easels out there it's hard sometimes to choose. Personally unless your spending a bit of money I found the metal ones priced between 50-60 Euro to be the best. Kennedy's Art Shop on Harcourt St, Dub2 have these in stock.




Reads on Nassua Street

K&M Evans off Capel Street

Kennedy's on Harcourt Street








If you might be interested or have an further questions please contact me.



Please don’t call before 12pm though as I paint a lot at night and don’t like the early mornings.


Vincent Keeling