Oil Painting Art Classes in Rathfarnham Dublin 14

Vincent Keeling painting a large rose in oil on canvas

Hi all, I'm afraid my classes aren't running at the moment for more info

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Unfortunately my oil painting classes in Rathfarnham are not running at the moment, but if this location would be perfect for you please subscribe to my Class Newsletter below and tick the Rathfarnham box, or send me off an email. If I get lots of interest, then I can work on finding a suitable venue again. It also would suit me grand as well as I'm still living in Rathfarnham and now consider myself a local.

Thanks, Vincent Keeling - vincentkeeling@gmail.com 

PS. A little update as of 25 March, 2024! Nope, no classes in Rathfarnham as of yet but there is good news. In the last few days I've just begun a new little project involving a new weekly Newsletter for artists and art students with lots of free info. Really all about me sharing what I've learned from other artists, books, videos etc in an email newsletter. More info below if you fancy thinking about signing up!