John Kirwan has been painting miniature masterpieces on bowties for almost thirty years. By using finely pointed brush dipped in acrylic paint he skillfully translates famous masterpieces by such giants in art history as Van Gogh, Monet, Magritte, Miro and Picasso onto the miniature face of a bowtie. Thus creating little masterpieces that are not just art objects but wearable works of art, which offer something a little different for those with an appreciation of art, a quirky sense of humour or perhaps someone looking to stand out from the crowd in a playful way.

Please note that these Bow ties are now available directly from Dublin artist John Kirwan


Phone: 087 287 5591

For International customers 353 87 287 5591 


 "Starry Night, Van Gogh" Bow Tie


 "City Lights" Bow Tie


 "Miro, The Escape Ladder" Bow Tie


"Boats at Howth" Bow Tie


 "Monet, Poppies" Bow Tie


 "City Nights" Bow Tie


 "Miro, The Nightingale's Song" Bow Tie


 "Mondrian, Composition" Bow Tie 


 "Cave Painting" Bow Tie


 "Picasso, Still Life with Guitar" Bow Tie


"Opera Roses" Bow Tie


"Van Gogh, The Sower" Bow Tie


"Monet, Impression Sunrise" Bow Tie


 "Magritte's Dublin Odyssey" Bow Tie




Dublin artist John Kirwan

Phone: 087 287 5591

For International customers 353 87 287 5591