Box Frame Prints

Just to say that as I now outsource the printing and framing for all my framed prints, the editions are digitally signed and numbered by me on my computer with the magic of a wacom pen, rather than signed in the real world with a pencil as I do with my unframed prints. They are still individually signed and numbered with just as much love and attention though. And are still part of the same edition as the prints signed with a pencil. And also as the alternative would involve the print being shipped three times between me, then back to the framer, then to you.

Thus we're using a bit of high tech wizardry to reduce our carbon footprint, help save the planet and also help to avoid very steep shipping costs, and speed up the whole process so we're not waiting for months. 

 And hey, I get to paint more rather spending my life running back and forth to the post office:)

Hope that all sounds makes sense, but any questions just let me know. 


Vincent -


Delivery times for framed prints. 

Usually delivered with 2 weeks for deliver to Ireland, UK and Europe, or 3 weeks for further a field.