Prince, When Doves Cry - Oil l Painting

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Hi all,

I hope everyone doing ok out there. I have few things to tell you about today. The first is that I've painted another portrait of Prince.  And in the process it's brought back lots of memories; The first, was being schooled in the genius of Prince by my long-time buddy Cormac, in whose house, Prince videos were a staple on the TV. Big smoke, big shoulder pads, big hair and big electric spine chilling guitar tingling music, is what I remember.

I have to admit though, even with all that tingling, I was a still little slow to the Prince party. You see I was coming more from the sombre moody music of an early U2 with a dash of The Waterboys and Simple Minds thrown in, so it took me a little while to see past Prince's glitzy extravagant showmanship.

This was thirty years ago mind, and I was only 17 years old, and hey, Dublin wasn't very glitzy back then, or at least not in my head.
However, by 17 and a half, yes those six months make all the difference, things had changed. I was now ready for Prince, and once again guided by Cormac I was listening to all the right albums: Around the world in a day, Purple Rain and Sign of the Times were all staples on my record player, or if memory serves, on my old tape deck. You see if you didn't have the vinyl and long before CDs, Ipods and Spotify and all that new fangled tech wizardry, cassettes were the way to go. 
Prince was wizard enough after all, and Cormac, thirty years later, I can definitely say you were right, Prince is, was, and forever more shall be a genius! And thus, certainly deserving of this second portrait as a tribute from a slow music learner of yesteryear.

All the best, Vincent Keeling

(Taken from my Art Newsletter post of 15th September 2020)


PRINCE, When Doves Cry

Original oil painting, by Vincent Keeling

40x40cm, oil on linen, unframed

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