Creation XIV - Oil Painting

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Creation XIV
Original oil painting of a white rose
by Vincent Keeling

The Story behind the Painting:

I hope the world is treating you well out there. I'm just going to tell you about one painting today, and it's a pretty big one I've been talking about releasing for ages. The first thing to say is that it's another in my Creation Series of rose paintings, and I have to admit that this one was a long time in the making. And part of the reason for this delay was I was trying something new. You see in the past I have tended to keep the backgrounds on these large roses quite nondescript, very much in the background, so to speak. 

However, this time I wanted to try an idea that had been floating around my head for ages; the idea of introducing a background that might add a layer of meaning more closely communicating how I saw these large rose paintings to begin with. And when I thought of possibilities, in this regard, my mind always drifted toward...Read more about the story behind this large white rose painting called Creation XIV

120x80cm (approximately 31x47 inches)
Oil on Belgian Linen canvas 
Deep edge poplar wood stretcher bars just over 3cm thick 

Unframed - 3850 Euro

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